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Want to  EARN extra INCOME? Join our family today!

Partner with us as a SLAY THE NATURAL WAY BABE to supplement your income by sharing our amazing products with real results with others! market our products to preferred customers to earn commissions. Recruit other SLAY THE NATURAL WAY BABES to expand your team and maximize our generous compensation plan.


Why we're THE BEST!

  • A No Experience Needed! 

New to this? No problem! We provide all the tools, training, and support you need from the moment you sign up—including virtual and live events where you can connect with a community of like-minded people.

  • Work From Anywhere!

Make your business grow wherever you go! With in-depth training at your fingertips and simple tools for recruiting and customer follow-up. Enjoy the freedom of working anywhere, anytime!

  • Huge Opportunities!

With opportunities to make money daily, weekly, and monthly (plus bonuses on top of that!), you can maximize your earnings with Shantell's Natural Hair! Compensation Plan. Let customers shop through your link as soon as you're ready—every order is connected back to you, and we'll ship the orders so you don't have to!

  • No Inventory On Hand!

The great news there is no need to carry around products or have inventory stocked. We handle all the shipping of the products so you can focus on advertising.

  • Set Your Own Hours!

Enjoy the freedom of setting your own hours.

Become your own boss

Join the movement


When you enroll,

This Perks Program is the key to exclusive discounts, early access, and gifts.

  • 25% off Retail Price no promo code needed!

  • And more!


This is what You will get:

  • A custom kit to choose from and enjoy or get our SNH Basic Kit When You Become a Slay The Natural Way Babe.

  • A custom shop site to promote your business.

  • A premium back office business portal to track your sales and earnings.

  • 5-20% retail commissions on sales to Preferred Customers and on Selected Products*.

  • Access to exclusive bonuses, rewards, promotions, and more!


Want to make extra money? Join Shantell's Natural Hair Brand Affiliate program today.

Join an amazing company with amazing products and perks.


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