Meet Shantell, a Mompreneur of two children. Shantell was born and raised in Washington D.C. Shantell always had the dream of providing safe and high quality cosmetic products that will help her customer’s lifestyle. Shantell is the Founder, CEO, Creator & Mompreneur of Shantell’s Natural Hair along with other businesses that she operates.




Shantell specializes in high quality homemade cosmetic products such as lotions, hair masks, lip gloss, shampoos and body butters just to name a few. Shantell's products are high quality because they are made with natural and or organic ingredients such as organic unrefined Shea Butter, organic Rosehip Seed Oil and Mango Butter just to name a few. While providing those products to the community, Shantell wants her customers to know the importance of healthy cosmetic products and how they can benefit them along the way. Shantell creates products that helps with hair growth, eczema, split ends, breakage and so on. A couple years ago, Shantell realized some of the chemicals and treatments used to style her hair and also products that she used on her skin were not healthy for the body and she did not want to use products that could negatively impact her health or her children’s health. As a result, Shantell developed a passion for learning how to make natural haircare and skincare products and decided to open up her own cosmetic business and became a Mompreneur in order to provide those items to the community. While she had her natural hair for the past few years, it has not only been healthier, but she also have felt empowered to embrace her natural hair and want others to feel empowered and comfortable with their natural hair as well. Shantell has also been on ABC 7 news for her cosmetics & attended several events selling her cosmetic products while making her customers happy. Shantell has also attended several webinars and meetings as well to help better her business. Shantell plans to expand her business nationwide by creating better hair and skincare products. Shantell has added and launched her own cosmetic wholesale business to help other young girls and women to become successful by starting their own cosmetic business as well you can now consider her a vendor as well. You can contact Shantell's Natural Hair on her social media platforms at Shantell’s Natural Hair via Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Please support and check out her website at www.Shantellsnaturalhair.com

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